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How Did I Get To American University?

Dear You,

College was always in the plan. 10-year-old Kierra would jump around in excitement if she had the chance to see herself at 23. As a little girl, I kept a notebook with each page dedicated to a different university of interest. Highlighted was required test scores and GPA – preparing my self for my future quest of college acceptance. Not much has changed except for the area of study.

2019 Graduation

The 10-year-old me would be happy I kept my promise – I graduated in four years with a college degree from Central Michigan University. She would understand the rocky journey it took to get there and love the person she is becoming. She would know the battles, the feelings of loneliness, and fear. She would muster up the courage to be the first one in her family and look at her mother to say, “I did it!”

Kierra’s Happy Tears

So now, we’re here… At American University after feeling defeated and seeing the deadlines pass me by. After finally crawling out my little hole of defeat, I sent in the application to one of my top choice schools. Within weeks, I sat in my former boss’s office in the middle of a one-on-one meeting and cried. The acceptance email was the best letter I’ve received in a long time. My fears subsided. I was so worried about my future – facing the reality that I wasn’t ready to enter the workforce quite yet. Fearing that I waited too late to apply for my next step. I was proud because once again this first-generation student did it! I am my 10-year-old self wildest dream! A few months later I packed my things and landed in DC. A bigger city with a head full of dreams and an uncapped ambition. I was ready to take on DC!

In front of the McKinley Building for the School of Communications

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